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  • Hazardous substances classification codes

    Hazard classifications are communicated on labels and safety data sheets including the safe way to store, use and dispose of chemicals.

  • Transhipment approval for hazardous substances in transit through New Zealand

    If you plan to bring a hazardous substance into New Zealand temporarily, you may need to apply for a transhipment approval before it can enter the country. Find…

  • Exempt substances and laboratories

    Some hazardous substances and laboratories are exempt or excluded from the Hazardous Substance and New Organisms (HSNO) Act.

  • Controls for hazardous substances

    When a hazardous substance is approved (either under a group standard or individually), controls (or rules) are put in place for their use, so that the risks ar…

  • Amend an existing approval

    An amendment allows changes to a new organism approval after it has been given.

  • Chlorothalonil use banned outside of the workplace

    We have banned products available for sale to the general public that contain chlorothalonil.

  • Expert Consenting Panel

    Information about the panel appointed to consider and decide the Papakaīnga development, Kaitaia application.

  • Erica Gregory

    Profile of Erica Gregory, Manahautū Kaupapa Kura Taiao – Acting General Manager of the EPA’s Māori policy and operations group, for our 2020 Annual Report.

  • Board members

    Our Board sets our strategic direction and monitors our performance. Board members are appointed by the Minister for the Environment.

  • Treated timber

    Most building timber is treated with preservatives to stop the wood from rotting and to protect it from burrowing insects. Treated timber is used to build homes…