Mite might trim old man’s beard

Your views are sought on an application to introduce a gall mite into New Zealand to combat the invasive pest plant called old man's beard.

Horizons Regional Council has submitted an application seeking approval to import and release a gall mite Aceria vitalbae to control old man’s beard, or Clematis vitalba.

The old man's beard gall mite is minute, at about 1 millimetre long. Feeding by the mite induces growth abnormalities, or galls, on the buds and developing leaves of the plant. The mites breed within those galls. The formation of galls reduces the growth rate of the weed and may cause shoots to die back. Significant damage to old man's beard plants from mite attack has been observed in its native range.

Public submissions on this application open on Wednesday 18 July 2018 and close at 5pm on 29 August 2018.


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