Closing in on feral cats

We're seeking your views on an application to change the regulations relating to the use of PredaSTOP.

Connovation Ltd, manufacturer of PredaSTOP, is proposing that owners and householders should be notified when PredaSTOP baits are being laid as part of a cat control operation if their property is within 500 metres of any bait station. Currently, such advice must be given if the baits are within three kilometres of a property.

The current three kilometre requirement sometimes requires thousands of households to be notified, imposing significant costs, Connovation says in its application. The aim is to keep domestic cats safe, but Connovation says the three kilometre distance is unrealistic.

Other existing controls set by us would remain unaltered. These include advising owners and householders of the approximate dates when baits will be laid, the name and nature of the substance being used, the risks to domestic animals, available antidotes, and the location where baits will be laid. Contact details for the person laying the baits must also be provided.

We are seeking public submissions on Connovation’s application. Submitters are asked to identify and adverse or beneficial effects that might occur if the application is approved, how likely they are, and their potential scale.

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Submissions open on 12 April and close at 5pm on 25 May 2018.

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