Water Conservation Order: Ngaruroro and Clive Rivers

Six parties have made an application for a water conservation order for the Ngaruroro and Clive rivers.

We are managing the application process and are supporting the Special Tribunal that has been set up to consider and report on this application.

Latest update - 3 April 2019

Stage 2 of the hearing closed

The Special Tribunal has received closing submissions from the Applicant and closed stage 2 of the hearing. The Special Tribunal will prepare a recommendation report for the Minister of the Environment.

Please visit this webpage regularly for updates. 

Update – 1 April 2019

Closing legal submissions and Draft Water Conservation Order version 5

The Applicant has provided closing legal submissions and version 5 of the Water Conservation Order. The hearing is still adjourned and the Special Tribunal will consider these submissions prior to making a decision to close the hearing. View the documents at the links below:

Applicant - Closing legal submissions (pdf 389KB)

Revised Draft version of the Order – Version 5 (pdf 225KB)

Department of Conservation memorandum

At stage 2 of the hearing for the Water Conservation Order held between 26 February to 8 March 2019 the Special Tribunal requested that the Department of Conservation provide information regarding damming within public conservation land. The Department of Conservation has provided a memorandum that can be viewed at the link below:

Department of Conservation - Memorandum in reply to Special Tribunal questions (pdf 3.9MB)

About the application

The application concerns the entire length of the Ngaruroro River, the tributaries, hydraulically connected groundwater, and the 7 km long Clive River.

About the Special Tribunal

A Special Tribunal was set up to consider the application for a Water Conservation Order for the Ngaruroro and Clive Rivers.

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The Water Conservation Order for Ngaruroro and Clive Rivers was re-notified on 25 July 2018. Read about the additional notification and submissions received.