Vayego: a new insecticide to protect crops

We sought your views on an application to introduce Vayego, a new insecticide, into New Zealand.

Bayer New Zealand Limited has applied to us to import for release a new insecticide to New Zealand.

The active ingredient in Vayego, tetraniliprole, has not yet been approved in any country. It is intended to be used for the control of coddling moth, leaf rollers and other pests in pome fruit (such as apples and pears), stone fruit and grapes; as well as cabbage white butterfly larvae, leaf miner, diamond back moth larvae and other pests in vegetable and forage brassicas.

The application is for a suspension concentrate and the application methods are ground-based broadcast and boom spraying, and aerial spraying.

The applicant says in the application that Vayego is effective against moths while not being harmful to other insects used in integrated pest management.

The public submission period for this application closed on Thursday 2 August 2018.

A time waiver has been applied to this application because further information was requested from the applicant.

Application documents

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