Application to update the hazard classification of a range of substances

We sought your views on an application to review the hazards classification of 123 substances, including single chemicals, and mixtures containing the chemicals.

The public submission period closed on 26 February 2021.

This application is referred to as the Chemical Review 2019-2020. We are processing this application as a modified reassessment, so only specific aspects of the approvals will be considered during the reassessment and the approvals cannot be revoked in this process.

We are proposing to update the hazard classifications of the substances to take into account new information such as reviews or assessments by overseas chemical regulators. Any changes to hazard classifications may also have an effect on the controls (rules) that apply to the substances.

The substances containing the chemicals below are likely to be affected by the proposed changes:

  • 1,3-dichloropropene
  • Chlorpropham
  • Flumetsulam
  • Flumioxazin
  • MCPA and its salts
  • Metamitron
  • Monensin and monensin sodium
  • Narasin
  • Pymetrozine
  • Tea tree oil
  • Thiodicarb
  • Trinexapac-ethyl.

Next steps

An update report and summary of submissions will be published.

The decision-making committee is being formed and will consider the application and submissions.

The application documents

Read the Chemical Review 2019-2020 application documents


Grounds to reassess the substances included in the Chemical Review 2019-2020 were granted in June 2020, based on new information provided by a number of external parties and supported by study data and/or assessment by overseas chemical regulators.

Read the documents for the grounds for reassessment application