Proposal to combat horehound

We are considering an application to introduce two moths into New Zealand to combat horehound.

The Horehound Biocontrol Group has applied to us to release two organisms new to New Zealand - the horehound plume moth and the horehound clearwing moth.

The applicant says that horehound is a serious threat to the viability of some farms.  It establishes strongly in hill and high-country lucerne forage crops and is exceptionally hard to control.

The New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists and the Herb Federation of New Zealand both oppose the proposed biological control programme saying horehound is highly valued as a medicinal herb, and is harvested for that purpose. Successful biological control could adversely affect the value of the medicinal harvest.

The date for this hearing has now been fixed.  The hearing will take place at Chateau on the Park, 189 Deans Avenue, Riccarton, Christchurch starting at 9.00am on Thursday 16 August 2018. 

Further information on the venue and prospective schedule for the day can be found in the Notice of Hearing.


Read the application documents

Read the Notice of Hearing