About the application

The application concerns the entire length of the Ngaruroro River, the tributaries, hydraulically connected groundwater, and the 7 km long Clive River.

Six parties have lodged an application for a water conservation order for the Ngaruroro and Clive rivers with the Minister for the Environment.

The applicants are:

  • New Zealand Fish and Game Council
  • Hawke’s Bay Fish and Game Council
  • Operation Patiki Ngāti Hori ki Kohupatiki
  • Whitewater NZ Incorporated
  • Jet Boating New Zealand
  • Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand

The applicants seek protection of:

  • the entire length of the Ngaruroro River
  • the tributaries and hydraulically connected groundwater
  • the 7 km long Clive River.

Their application states that the rivers have certain outstanding values including: 

  • significance in accordance with tikanga Māori
  • cultural and spiritual purposes
  • habitat for rainbow trout
  • rainbow trout fishery
  • angling, amenity and recreation
  • habitat for avifauna
  • habitat for native fish
  • whitewater kayaking and rafting amenity and recreation
  • jetboating amenity and recreation
  • wild, scenic and natural characteristics
  • scientific and ecological values.

The Applicants seek protection of these values through a number of conditions contained in the draft Order (Version 2) appended to the application. The Applicants are likely to make further updates to the draft Order prior to, or during the Stage 2 hearing.

Additional notification of the Water Conservation Order on the Ngaruroro and Clive Rivers

Recent scientific evidence has confirmed that wider hydraulic connections exist through the Ngaruroro and Clive rivers catchment, than was understood when the application was first notified. As a result of this new evidence, the Special Tribunal decided, on 18 June 2018, that further public notification was required.

Read about additional notification of the application