About the application

The parties' conservation order seeks protection of Te Waikoropupū Springs on the basis of cultural, scientific, ecological, and recreational values.

Two parties lodged an application for a water conservation order for Te Waikoropupū Springs with the Minister for the Environment.

The applicants:

  • Ngāti Tama Ki Te Waipounamu Trust
  • Andrew Yuill

The applicants seek protection of:

  • the confined and unconfined Arthur Marble Aquifer
  • Te Waikoropupū Springs
  • the Takaka River and its tributaries, including the Waingaro, Anatoki and Waikoropupū Rivers
  • hydraulically connected groundwater including the Takaka Limestone Aquifer and Takaka Unconfined Gravel Aquifer.

The application states that the rivers have certain outstanding values including:

  • significance in accordance with tikanga Māori
  • outstanding cultural and spiritual values
  • visual clarity values
  • scientific and ecological values
  • biodiversity values
  • habitat for aquatic organisms and stygofauna
  • habitat for indigenous fauna
  • habitat for indigenous flora
  • recreational values
  • wild, scenic and natural characteristics.

The applicants seek protection of these values through a number of conditions contained in the draft order appended to the application.

To view the application documents, see related content 'Application documents' at the bottom of the page.

Minister's referral

On 5 June 2017, the Minister for the Environment accepted the application and referred it to a special tribunal for consideration.

Minister's referral press release - Parliament website