Reassessment of hazard classifications

Decision Date: 06 June 2019

We've approved changes to the hazard classifications of monomethylamine and the herbicide Sprinter 700DS.

Nufarm Limited applied for a reassessment of Sprinter 700DS - an agricultural herbicide, and monomethylamine - an industrial chemical used as a chemical intermediate in various industries and in scientific laboratories.

The application was for changes to be made to the substances' hazard classifications. This is called a modified reassessment.

Grounds to reassess Sprinter 700DS and monomethylamine were granted in November 2018 because of significant new information about the productive/developmental hazard classification of the substances. This was due to the availability of a new study data on the monomethylamine component.

Read the decision for the reassessment of hazard classifications

Read the application documents for this reassessment