Biocontrol for Eucalyptus tortoise beetle

The New Zealand Forest Research Institute Limited (Scion) has been granted approval to release a wasp to control the eucalyptus tortoise beetle.

A tiny wasp, Eadya daenerys, an organism new to New Zealand, has been approved for release into the environment to join the fight against the eucalyptus tortoise beetle.

The applicant notes around 90 percent of tortoise beetle larvae survive into adulthood. But if a larva is attacked just once by the parasitoid wasp, survival drops to just 10 percent.”

We called for public submissions on the application, and held a public hearing before a decision-making committee in Wellington on 22 January 2019.

The decision was notified on 26 February 2019.

You can read the presentations made to the Decision-making Committee by the applicant, submitters, and us, and documents relating to the application in our database. 

Read the application documents

Read our media release about the application