Check for 3M Light Water fire-fighting foam

In light of our recent testing of fire-fighting foams at airports, this is a reminder to all industries using aqueous film-forming foams that some foams manufactured by 3M under the Light Water trade name contain PFOS.

April 2018

The affected foams were manufactured before 2002 when 3M voluntarily ceased making them.

Some of these older foams may still be stockpiled or in use in New Zealand. Please check your stocks, or with your supplier, for their brand and date of manufacture. If you are uncertain, you may need to get your foam stocks tested.

Please note, there is no comprehensive list of all PFOS-containing foams. We are presently testing fire-fighting foam held by organisations around the country to ensure that they do not contain PFOS. We will update this alert if other brands are affected.

For more information about managing fire-fighting foams and planning for their disposal, please see our guide:

Managing fire-fighting foams manufactured with PFAS chemicals

For more information, please contact our Hazardous Substances Compliance Team by email at