RMA proposals

Proposals of national significance require thorough consideration. We receive the application, support the inquiry process and announce the Board's decision.

About Resource Management

Big infrastructure plans or public works, such as major new roads and wind farms, are examples of projects that may be nationally significant proposals.

What is national significance?

The Minister for the Environment may direct a matter to a board of inquiry or the Environment Court if it's, or is part of, a proposal of national significance.


Projects such as new motorways, prisons, and wind farms can be approved under the Resource Management Act.

Boards of inquiry

If a matter is referred to a board of inquiry, the Minister for the Environment will appoint an independent board to consider it.

Process for new plans and plan changes under the RMA

The Nationally Significant Proposal (NSP) provisions of the Resource Management Act (RMA) can apply to the development of new plans and plan changes in certain ...

How we work with councils

Councils play an important role in the nationally significant proposal process.

Resource management guides

We've developed some information sheets to explain the resource management process, how you make an application, how you have your say, and what happens at a he...

Making an application

Find out what you need to do to make an application under the Resource Management Act.

Current Nationally Significant Proposals

Find out about Nationally Significant Proposals that are underway.

Previous Nationally Significant Proposals

This is a directory of previous Nationally Significant Proposal applications.