New Zealand’s reporting on ozone-depleting substances

Your information contributes to New Zealand’s annual international reporting on ozone-depleting substances.

We use the exemption and permit applications that we receive to collect statistics about our consumption of ozone-depleting substances, and how much is coming into and leaving the country. This is because New Zealand must produce a report for the United Nations every year about our activities involving these substances.

In past years, the Ministry for the Environment (MfE) was responsible for releasing this report. In future, we will be also releasing this reporting.

New Zealand’s latest annual report from MfE about ozone-depleting substances - NZ Parliament website

To complete your annual reporting please use the forms below.

Ozone Layer Protection Act 1996 Annual Reporting Form (docx, 57KB)

Ozone Layer Protection Act 1996 Methyl Bromide Annual Reporting Form (xlxs, 29 KB)