Some approved hazardous substances need permission before you can use them. Find out which substances these are and how to apply.

If you are unsure whether your product requires a permission from the EPA, you can search the HSNO Approvals Register or the HSNO Controls database and check the controls that apply.

Search the HSNO Application Register database

Search the Approved hazardous substances with controls database

Aquatic herbicides Plus

You may need to obtain permission from the EPA if you will be using aquatic herbicides in any of the following ways:

  • undertaking a plant pest control operation in an aquatic environment
  • applying certain herbicides on or into water 
  • applying certain herbicides near enough to water that it can reasonably be expected that the substance will enter water.

If you are planning to use a herbicide with one of the following active components you will need a permission:

  • metsulfuron-methyl
  • haloxyfop-R-methyl
  • imazapyr isopropylamine
  • triclopyr trimethylamine
  • endothall (Aquathol K and Aquathol super K).

To apply please fill in the form below and send it to us.

Application for permission to use a hazardous substance form (doc 439KB)

A guide to applying for a permission (pdf 50KB)

A guide to using aquatic herbicides (excluding aquathol) (pdf 1.7MB)

Sodium nitrite for control of feral pigs Plus

For sodium nitrite control operations on feral pigs on any land not administered by the Department of Conservation, a permission is required from the EPA.

To request a permission be granted, please use the application form below and send it to the EPA.

Application form for sodium nitrite permission (docx 363KB)

Vertebrate Toxic Agents (VTAs) Plus

If you are undertaking a pest control operation that requires the use of certain vertebrate toxic agents (VTAs), you may need a permission from the Department of Conservation (DOC) and/or the Public Health Unit (PHU) of the local District Health Board. 

If you are using a VTA that requires a permission from the PHU, you will need to make an application on the approved application form, available from the Ministry of Health.  

You will need a permission from DOC to use any VTA on land administered or managed by DOC. To obtain this Permission, contact your local Department of Conservation office.  

You can find out more about when a permission is required in the guidance document.

Guidance on when a permission from DOC and/or PHU is required (pdf 91KB)