Explosives Import Certificate

You must apply for an import certificate to import an approved explosive.

Applying for an Explosives Import Certificate

You need to make sure your explosives are approved under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act before you make or import them into New Zealand. If you are importing them, you also need to apply to us for an Explosives Import Certificate.

Note: 17 September 2018 - As we are entering a busy period in the lead-up to Guy Fawkes and Christmas, applicants should expect a processing time of ten working days (two weeks) for all explosives applications.

Applying for the certificate

When you submit your application, you need to include copies of the compliance handler and location compliance certificate to prove that you have a suitable location to store and manage explosives, if the quantity and class of explosive requires them. 

The certificate will be processed within 10 working days of receipt of payment and application.

Email your application to explosives@epa.govt.nz

Explosives Import Certificate application form

The application fees for importing explosives, including novelty explosives, can be found on our fees and charges page.

Novelty explosives include:

  • party poppers
  • Christmas crackers
  • Christmas cracker snaps
  • Christmas bon-bons
  • ring caps for toy guns

Find out about our fees and charges.