Applying for a group standard amendment

Amendments can be made to existing groups standards to reflect industry changes or to incorporate additional products. Find out how to apply for an amendment.

Anyone can apply to have an existing group standard amended. Sometimes applications come from within the EPA.

The decision on an amendment application is made by a sub-group of the HSNO Committee.

Getting started

Talk to us before you put in your application – we’ll let you know how to go about it and what you need to include.

Consulting with Māori

You’ll need to consult with Māori if your application could have a significant impact on outcomes of significance to tangata whenua.

Read our guidance on consultation for applicants.​

What is the process?

Applications to amend group standards are publicly notified. This means that submissions from the public and interested parties are sought before a final decision is made by our decision-making committee.

The statutory (legally required) timeframe within which a group standard amendment must be processed is 100 working days.

Making an application

When you talk to us before you put in your application, we’ll advise you which form you need to complete and how to go about it.