Screened chemicals list

How we screen chemicals for possible reassessment, and the 700 chemicals currently screened.

FRCaST screening tool

We gathered information about chemicals from New Zealand, and from our counterpart agencies in Europe, Norway, Canada, Australia and the United States.

We developed a screening tool to evaluate the chemicals' potential risk to human health and to the environment. This tool was peer reviewed by two international regulatory bodies – the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) in Australia and Environment Canada.

Read the FRCaST peer review summary (pdf 235KB)

Using the Flexible Reassessment Categorisation Screening Tool (FRCaST), we have screened more than 700 chemicals, and from that list we identified the hazardous substances which make up our priority chemicals list.

Both the priority chemicals list and the list of more than 700 screened chemicals are 'living' lists and are adjusted from time to time as new information becomes known.

Below is an example of the FRCaST tool, notes, and a guide to its use.

FRCaST tool example (xlsx 62KB)

FRCaST tool notes (pdf 938KB)

FRCaST tool guide (pdf 710KB)

Filterable list of screened chemicals

View the screened chemicals list (xlsx 43KB)

You can find out what the current approval and controls are for any of the chemicals on our screened chemicals list by searching our databases.