Hazardous substances

All hazardous substances need approval for use in New Zealand. Is yours approved? Find out, apply for approval, or get advice on using it safely.

Hazardous substances and the EPA

What do toothpaste, explosives, veterinary medicine and solvents have in common? They are all classified as hazardous substances, which we regulate.

New Zealand’s hazard classification system

New Zealand has implemented a new classification system for hazardous substances based on the seventh revised edition of the Globally Harmonised System (GHS 7).

Rules for hazardous substances

Find out what the legal obligations are for hazardous substances in New Zealand, including EPA Notices.

Guidance for importers and manufacturers

There is specific guidance for importing, manufacturing and using every type of hazardous substance in New Zealand–from cosmetics to pesticides or explosives.

Making an application

Whether you are importing, moving, or using a new hazardous substance, you will need to go through an application process. We can guide you through this.

Chemical reassessment programme

Our chemical reassessment programme reviews hazardous substances that are approved for use in New Zealand.

Group standards

Group standards are approvals for a group of hazardous substances of a similar nature, type or use.

Shipping hazardous waste

Find out about the process for importing and exporting hazardous waste.

Shipping and disposing of ozone-depleting substances

To protect the Earth’s ozone layer, there are rules for shipping and disposing of ozone-depleting liquids and gases in New Zealand. Find out what you need to do…

Importing and exporting hydrofluorocarbon gases (HFCs)

If you plan to import or export bulk HFC gases into or out of New Zealand, you must apply for a permit. Find out more here.

Importer and Manufacturer form

If you import or manufacture a hazardous substance, you must supply us with your business contact information.

Evaluation of hazardous substances compliance system

An independent Technical Working Group evaluated the hazardous substances compliance system in New Zealand.