Industries in the Emissions Trading Scheme

Depending on what your organisation does, you may be obliged to take part in the scheme or choose to take part.

Industrial processes

Companies producing emissions from metal, mineral or chemical transformations may be required to participate in the ETS. Find out more about your obligations.

Liquid fossil fuels

Information for owners, importers and large purchasers of liquid fossil fuels such as petrol, jet fuel and fuel oils.

Stationary energy

Information for stationary energy participants on which activities are included in the ETS and their reporting and surrender obligations.


Information for disposal facility operators on their ETS obligations.


Growers of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums and cut roses may be eligible for an allocation of NZUs.

Primary industries

If you're a farmer or agricultural processor you may have obligations to report your emissions, and foresters may be entitled to earn units.

Synthetic greenhouse gases

If you're involved in the import, manufacture or removal of synthetic greenhouse gases you may have ETS obligations.