Emissions Trading Scheme

We run the Emissions Trading Scheme, New Zealand's primary response to climate change. We can help you access the Register and find out your obligations.

About the ETS

Find out how the ETS works and how the EPA works with other government agencies to operate the Scheme and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Participating in the ETS

As a Participant in the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme there are certain obligations you must meet. Find out what you need to do.

Industries in the Emissions Trading Scheme

Depending on what your organisation does, you may be obliged to take part in the scheme or choose to take part.

Industrial allocations

Allocations of New Zealand Units are given to businesses carrying out certain activities. Find out who's eligible and how to apply.

Market information

Find information on transaction trends and volumes, emission units transferred, privately held units and historical data.

ETS reports

We release regular newsletters and annual reports about the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme.