Who does what in the EEZ

See which local and central government agencies are involved at each stage of your work.

New Zealand's oceans are split into three areas:

  • The Territorial Sea - 0 to 12 nautical miles offshore.
  • The Exclusive Economic Zone - 12 to 200 nautical miles offshore.
  • The Continental Shelf - the area where New Zealand’s submerged landmass extends beyond the Exclusive Economic Zone.

The EPA shares responsibility for managing petroleum and mineral activities in New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf with five other government agencies and 16 regional councils.

Map of NZ with Boundaries of the 3 ocean management

Boundaries of the the Territorial Sea, Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf around New Zealand

The graphic below shows the responsibilities of central and local government agencies during the various stages of an activity.

Graphic of responsibilites of agencies that manage activities in the EEZ