Oil and gas operations

Find out which oil and gas activities are currently consented in the EEZ, and if any non-notified applications are currently in progress.

If non-notified applications for oil and gas related activity are currently being processed by us, you will find information about those applications here.

You'll also find information about oil and gas-related activities, regulated by us, that have already been consented in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). 

The consents were either granted by us, or by Maritime New Zealand (MNZ). The MNZ permits were transferred to us, and became our regulatory responsibility, with the introduction of the Dumping and Discharges regulations in 2015.

Non-notified consent applications Plus

For an activity which is, routine or exploratory in nature, of brief duration, or a dumping activity in specified locations, the EEZ Act does not require the application to go through the more lengthy process of a fully notified application. These applications are instead processed by the EPA as non-notified consent applications. There is no opportunity to make a submission on these.

If a non-notified oil and gas application is currently processed by the EPA, all relevant documents will be made available in this section.

Tamarind Taranaki Limited marine discharge consent (EEZ300010)

On 11 February 2019, Tamarind Taranaki Limited lodged a marine discharge consent application with the EPA for the discharge of harmful substances associated with its sidetrack development drilling programme.

View the application form (pdf 475KB)

View the impact assessment (pdf 2.71MB)

OMV Taranaki Limited marine discharge consent (EEZ300009)

On 27 March 2019 the EPA granted consent for the discharge of harmful substances associated with existing production operations at the Māui facilities. On 11 April 2019, an amended consent was issued under section 84 of the EEZ Act to correct minor errors in the consent and decision report.

View amended consent and decision report (pdf 846KB)

View consent amendment memorandum (pdf 419KB)

View public notice (pdf 225kb)

On 12 November 2018, OMV Taranaki Limited (formerly Shell Taranaki Limited) lodged a marine discharge consent application with the EPA for the discharge of harmful substances associated with existing and ongoing operations at Māui Platforms A and B within the Māui Natural Gas Field.

View the application (pdf 2.7MB)

View the impact assessment (pdf 2.5MB)

View the appendices to the impact assessment (pdf 13MB)

Consented activity is monitored Plus

Once a consent is granted, the EPA monitors compliance with any consent conditions, as well as with the EEZ Act and relevant regulations. The duration of a consent will vary depending on the activity. An activity of brief duration, like the drilling of an exploration well, may end after a few years, while a consent to install permanent structures on the seabed, may authorise activity for several decades.

Consented operators carrying out oil and gas activity in the EEZ are listed below.

To find out more about the different consents, visit our Previous activities and applications page.

Beach Energy Limited

Beach Energy Limited operates the Kupe field, located 30 km off the Taranaki coast.

Beach holds a marine consent for the offshore wellhead platform, pipeline to shore, and discharges down well.


OMV operates the Maari oil and gas field, located 80 kilometres off the Taranaki coast.

OMV holds consent for offshore activities at the Maari field which is produced by a wellhead platform and a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel.

Shell Taranaki Limited

Shell Taranaki Limited is the operator of the Maui Field, located 35 km off the Taranaki coast.

They hold consent for two wellhead platforms, pipelines between the platforms and to shore, and a discharge consent for harmful substances. They also hold a consent to retain anchor chains and wire on the seafloor from previous activity in the EEZ.

Tamarind Limited

Tamarind Limited is the operator for the Tui Field, located approximately 50 km off the Taranaki coast.

Tamarind hold consents to carry out activity at the Tui field which is produced from four wells connected to a Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel. They also hold a consent for the discharge of harmful substances.