Marine seismic surveying

Marine seismic surveys in the EEZ must comply with the Department of Conservation’s Code of Conduct.

Information about surveys which are ongoing or about to commence, and which are regulated under the Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf (Environmental Effects) Act 2012, or the Permitted Activities Regulations 2013 is provided below.

Please note, marine seismic surveys are not regarded as about to commence, before a permit has been issued by New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals, and a Marine Mammal Impact Assessment (MMIA) has been approved by the Department of Conservation.

For more information about how this activity is regulated, see the section on undertaking a marine seismic survey.

EEZ Current permitted activities

​Shell Taranaki Limited

Shell Taranaki Limited are carrying out a four-dimensional marine seismic survey in the Taranaki Basin. The survey is authorised by Petroleum Exploration Permit 51906 and Petroleum Mining Lease 381012, which is issued by New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals. 

The Marine Mammal Impact Assessment and Marine Mammal Mitigation Plan required for this survey are both available on the Department of Conservation website. Shell Taranaki Limited are using the vessel Amazon Warrior for the survey.

The survey commenced on 28 February 2018 and is expected to take around 40 days to complete.