Marine consent conditions

You can apply to change or cancel conditions of your marine consent.

Change or cancel a condition to your marine consent

Operators can apply to the EPA to change, cancel or add conditions. After lodgement, the EPA will consider whether your changes are limited to minor matters in order to determine the marine consent process your application will follow.

If the change or cancellation of the condition(s) is limited to minor matters then:
  • the request need not be notified
  • the consent holder can make an application and request a hearing
  • the EPA in deciding the application cannot cancel a consent, or make changes to the condition(s) that are more than minor.
If the change or cancellation of the condition(s) are more than minor then the application process for a marine consent, or marine discharge or dumping consent is followed. 

Changes to the list of hazardous substances

If you plan to make changes to the list of hazardous substances in your discharge consent you will need to notify the EPA. The replacement or substitution of a single substance associated with a deemed consent requires a non-notified marine discharge consent.

You will also need to update your Emergency Spill Response Plan (ESRP).