Industry areas

Get the job done in a way that supports life in New Zealand and protects our unique people and places.

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Hazardous substances

All hazardous substances need approval for use in New Zealand. Is yours approved? Find out, apply for approval, or get advice on using it safely.

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Compliance, monitoring and enforcement

Compliance, monitoring and enforcement is integral to the EPA's role in protecting the environment and the health outcomes of New Zealanders.

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New organisms

Organisms are living things that can grow, multiply or react with other organisms. We must be sure of their potential for New Zealand before they're approved.

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Emissions Trading Scheme

We run the Emissions Trading Scheme, New Zealand's primary response to climate change. We can help you access the Register and find out your obligations.


RMA proposals

Proposals of national significance require thorough consideration. We receive the application, support the inquiry process and announce the Board's decision.


EEZ marine activities

Our offshore marine environment is rich with natural resources and home to diverse ecosystems. Find out about offshore activity and how we manage it.