Applications for fast-track projects must meet information requirements set out in the Act.

Before you make an application

You should contact the EPA as soon as possible to discuss your application before it is lodged with us. 

The timeframes for considering resource consent applications, and notices of requirement for listed and referred projects, are short. This means applicants need to be well prepared, and applications need to contain the required information as described in Schedule 6 of the Act.

Get in touch with the EPA 

More information about the timeframe process for fast-track consenting applications

Information requirements

Your application must include the required information and comply with any restrictions or obligations specified in the Act. 

The information must be in sufficient detail that corresponds with the scale and significance of the effects that the activity may have on the environment, taking into account any proposals to manage the adverse effects through conditions. 

Information required in consent applications - New Zealand Legislation website

Information required for a notice of requirement - New Zealand Legislation website

To assist applicants the EPA has prepared a checklist for consent applications and notices of requirement:

Checklist of information for compliance with the Act (PDF, 330KB)

Checklist of information for compliance with the Act (DOCX, 194KB)

As part of your application you may need to consider the land or coastal marine areas that are adjacent to your project site. We have prepared a guide to assist applicants in defining the meaning of 'adjacent'. 

Guidance document on identifying adjacent land areas (PDF, 665KB)

We have five working days to assess the application/notice of requirement against the information requirements in the Act. If the information requirements are not met, we will return the application/notice of requirement. If the application meets these requirements, we will provide the application to the panel appointed to determine the application.

Make an application 

To make an application you need to use one of the forms below. Check your application form is correct and complete. In cases where a project involves a combination of resource consents and a notice of requirement, use both application forms.

Resource consent application 

Your resource consent application must include the required information as set out in clause 9 of Schedule 6 of the Act, as well as comply with any restrictions or obligations specified in the Act. Clause 13 of Schedule 6 sets out the information required in notices of requirement. This includes:

  • information about owners and occupiers of the project site and adjacent land
  • an assessment against Part 2 of the Resource Management Act 1991 and against the purpose of the Act
  • an assessment of the activity's effects on the environment
  • information about any Treaty of Waitangi settlements that apply in the project area
  • a description of any other activities that are part of the project
  • a description of any resource consents, notice of requirement, or alterations to designations which relate to the application
  • a cultural impact assessment prepared by or on behalf of the relevant iwi authority
  • proposed conditions for resource consents or notices of requirement
  • if a permitted activity is part of the project, a description that shows all standards or conditions are compiled with.

Resource Consent application form (DOCX, 57KB)

Resource Consent application form (PDF, 228KB)

Notice of Requirement 

A notice of requirement form can be lodged for a new designation or to alter a designation for a listed or referred project.   

Notice of Requirement form (DOCX, 84KB)

Notice of Requirement form (PDF, 324KB)

Completed applications and notices of requirement can be sent to the EPA at

Cost recovery

We may recover from a person the actual and reasonable costs incurred by the EPA in providing the person with assistance prior to a resource consent application, notice of requirement, or an application for a certificate of compliance being lodged with the EPA. 

We may recover the actual and reasonable costs from a consent applicant or requiring authority that are incurred:

  • by the EPA after lodgement in carrying out its functions under the Act
  • in relation to a panel performing its functions, on behalf of the Minister for the Environment
  • in relation to local authority advice to an expert consenting panel.

Read about recovery of costs in clauses 13 and 14 in Schedule 5 of the Act - New Zealand Legislation website

EPA cost recovery policy (PDF, 630KB)