Animals and insects

Animals and insects can be both a help and a hindrance in New Zealand. Find out how to keep them safe, or exterminate them.

Protecting bees and other pollinators

Bees are important to our environment. They pollinate our food crops and gardens, and they make honey. Find out how to protect the bees and other pollinators, a…

Safety and pet care

Pet care products and medicines are used to treat your pet for fleas, mites and other pests, and to keep your pets health. Find out how to use and store these p…

Poison for pests and rodents

You may choose to use poison to kill rats and mice and other rodents around your home. These poisons come with risks. Find out how to keep yourself, pets and ev…


This page has information and advice about 1080 in New Zealand, and the laws and regulations that keep our environment, you, your family and pets safe.