Everyday environment

We're each responsible for keeping ourselves, others and our environments safe. Knowing the hazards and what to do with them is a great start and we can help you with that.

Honey bees

Animals and insects

Animals and insects can be both a help and a hindrance in New Zealand. Find out how to keep them safe, or exterminate them.



Spray paints, deodorants, fly sprays, hair sprays and other products are sold in aerosol containers under pressure and need to be used carefully.


Cosmetics and toiletries

Hair products, soaps and other cosmetics and toiletries can contain hazardous ingredients. We set rules to give you confidence in what you buy.


Face paints for kids

We've got some tips to keep your kids safe when buying and using face paints.


Fireworks, crackers and poppers

Fireworks, Christmas crackers and party poppers all contain hazardous substances. We have advice to keep you safe while having fun.

Black bubbles

Household cleaners

Window cleaner, furniture polish and dishwasher tablets are all products that can be harmful. Here are some tips to help you use and store them safely.

Garden growth

Gardening products

Pest sprays, fertilizers and many other gardening products can be harmful and we have some tips on how to stay safe. You'll find info on glyphosate here too.

Gas hob

LPG at home and outside of work

Find out more about storing liquid petroleum gas, LPG, safely in your home and other places outside of work, as well as information for LPG professionals workin...



Petrol is very common but also extremely dangerous. We have some tips on how to use it safely.

Paint close up

Paints and thinners

Paints and paint thinners (solvents) can be hazardous to your health and to the environment. We have advice on how to use them safely.

Boat paint

Painting your boat

Many boat paints are useful for keeping your boat free of plants and animals, but there are some risks associated with using them.

Safer Homes logo

Safer Homes

Our Safer Homes programme helps keep you and your family safe around hazardous chemicals.


Spa and pool chemicals

You can use a range of chemicals to keep your spa and pool water clean. We've got some tips for using them safely.


Workplace products

The rules surrounding hazardous substances differ between workplaces and the home.

White bubbles

Safety, storage and disposal

Keep your family safe by understanding labels, and storing and disposing of products properly.

Fern close up

Importing plants and seeds

Find out about importing plants to New Zealand, and what to do if you have seeds detained at the border.



Sodium fluoroacetate or 1080 is an important weapon in the current armoury of measures to combat the impact of animal pests – mainly possums, rats and stoats – ...