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Otago Regional Council Water Permits Plan Change and Omnibus Plan Change - Call in
Primary organisation:
Otago Regional Council
Proposal type:
Change to a plan
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Proposal Close-Out
Application decision:
Decision to be made by Environment Court
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Proposal description:
The Otago Regional Council (the applicant) requested that the Minister for the Environment call in two plan changes (the matters) as proposals of national significance under Part 6AA of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA). The Water Permits Plan Change – Water Plan Change 7 (WPPC) proposes an objective, policies and rules that manage the replacement of deemed permits (also known as mining privileges) expiring in 2021 and any other water permits expiring prior to 31 December 2025 (the date by which a new Regional Land and Water Plan is expected to be operative). The plan change also introduces a new policy regarding the duration of new water permits. Omnibus Plan Change comprises of Plan Change 8 to the Regional Plan: Water for Otago and Plan Change 1 to the Regional Plan: Waste for Otago. The plan changes introduce a range of amendments targeting specific issues or activities known to be contributing to water quality issues in parts of Otago. Among other things, the plan changes will improve water quality provisions relating to discharges in various situations including landfill management and on farm storage of farm dairy effluent (for the first time in Otago), and will prohibit the use of waste oil as a dust suppressant.
Latest website update on proposal:
The EPA has handed all information relating to the ORC plan changes to the Environment Court, as required under section 149G of the RMA. The Environment Court will make decisions on the plan changes and the submissions.
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Omnibus Plan Change 1
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Omnibus Plan Change 1
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