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Proposal number:
Proposal name:
Northern Corridor Improvements Auckland
Primary organisation:
New Zealand Transport Agency - Auckland Office
Proposal type:
Designation or to alter a designation
Proposal state:
Proposal Close-Out
Application decision:
Confirmed with Modifications or Conditions
Date decision notified:
2017-11-22 00:00:00
Proposal description:
The Northern Corridor Improvements Proposal involved notice/s of requirement and resource consent applications for improvements along State Highway 1 and State Highway 18, including the establishment of a walking and cycling shared use path and the extension of the busway between Constellation Drive and Albany.
Latest website update on proposal:
The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) lodged an application for six notices of requirements and 25 resource consents with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) on 14 December 2016. The EPA accepted the application as complete on 22 December 2016. The EPA's recommendation to the Minister for the Environment was made on 22 December 2016. The Minister for the Environment made his Direction referring the Northern Corridor Improvements proposal to a Board of Inquiry on 8 February 2017. The Board of Inquiry released their Final Report and Decision on 16 November 2017 and it was publicly released on 22 November 2017. The Final Report and Decision confirms and grants the New Zealand Transport Agency’s notices of requirements and resource consents applications.
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Auckland Council
Auckland Transport
Centre for Urban and Transport Studies (Willmott, D)
Fogarty, P
Harbour Hockey Charitable Trust
Kiwi Self Storage Limited
Waste Management NZ Ltd
Watercare Services Limited
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