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  • GMD03017

    Decision notified date: 27/02/2003

    To express recombinant heparanases for structural & biochemical studies by use of mammalian cells (COS-7 and NIH3T3) or insect cell lines (baculovirus system) a…

  • GMD03022

    Decision notified date: 14/02/2003

    To develop high efficiency recombinant expression systems in order to produce a sufficient amount of membrane proteins for functional and structural studies

  • GMD02137

    Decision notified date: 20/12/2002

    To develop high efficiency recombinant expression systems in order to produce the high amount of membrane proteins necessary for functional and structural studi…

  • GMD02123

    Decision notified date: 06/12/2002

    To include the application of RNA interference methodology to the study of neuroendocrine cell biology. Update of GMO00/UA055, GMO00/UA068, GM02/UA010

  • GMD02102

    Decision notified date: 30/10/2002

    To determine if interfering with the function of PLC-beta will prevent the transformation of a normal cell into a cancer cell in a wide range of human cancers

  • GMD02103

    Decision notified date: 14/10/2002

    To enable X-ray crystallographic studies of recombinant proteins. Update of GMO00/UA050

  • GMD02081

    Decision notified date: 23/08/2002

    To produce recombinant proteins from baculovirus vectors in cell lines derived from Spodoptera frugiperda and Trichoplusia ni to study immune responses

  • GMD02080

    Decision notified date: 23/08/2002

    To use Escherichia coli, Pichia pastoris or insect cell lines (baculovirus system) as heterologous hosts for expression of recombinant eukaryotic PNGases for co…

  • GMC01008

    Decision notified date: 23/03/2002

    To import into containment a range of genetically modified cell lines to study biochemical and cellular events underlying physiological processes in plants and …

  • GMD02006

    Decision notified date: 15/03/2002

    To obtain retrospective approval for GMOs developed prior to the enhancement of the HSNO Act which may not have received ACNGT approval or for which ACNGT appro…