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  • GMD05020

    Decision notified date: 16/12/2004

    Molecular cloning and purification of Streptococcal and Lactococcal surface proteins in Escherichia coli. Update of GMO99/MU060

  • GMD05002

    Decision notified date: 06/12/2004

    To express and isolate mammalian proteins and mRNA from genes involved in insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease in Escherichia...

  • GMD04128

    Decision notified date: 01/12/2004

    Cloning and expression of plant promoters to determine their role in regulation of wood development

  • GMD04130

    Decision notified date: 01/12/2004

    To study the role of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor (FGFR) family members in the immune system

  • GMD04129

    Decision notified date: 01/12/2004

    To use transcriptional gene silencing or post-transcriptional gene silencing (PTGS or RNAi) to investigate regulation of allergic responses

  • GMD05014

    Decision notified date: 26/11/2004

    To study the effectivenrss of Ophiostoma species as an expression system for homologous and heterologous proteins

  • GMD05010

    Decision notified date: 25/11/2004

    To characterise the role of DNA topology and cis- and trans-acting factors in the regulation of RNA Polymerase I and RNA Polymerase II mediated gene transcripti...

  • GMD05023

    Decision notified date: 25/11/2004

    To include use of Arabidopsis-derived lipid biosynthetic genes. Introduce these genes into Arabidopsis thaliana, Nicotiana tabacum, Brassica oleracea, Brassica ...

  • GMD05033

    Decision notified date: 22/11/2004

    Development of Serratia entomophila and Escherichia coli strains with altered stress tolerance for studies on production and formulation of environmentally sens...

  • GMD04131

    Decision notified date: 22/11/2004

    To create organisms in order to maintain and multiply DNA, homologous to the known gene rco, copied by PCR from various fungi. This will allow investigation of ...