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  • ERMA200861

    Decision notified date: 11/07/2011

    To manufacture in containment Bait containing 8 g/kg cholecalciferol, in a cereal bait known as ‘KOLEE’, for use in aerial field trials

  • ERMA200819

    Decision notified date: 30/05/2011

    To import for release Lutensol XL 80, as a non-ionic surfactant for use in cleaning products and as an emulsifier, dispersant or wetting agent.

  • ERMA200816

    Decision notified date: 25/05/2011

    To release the ornamental plant Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost'

  • HSR06060

    Decision notified date: 27/09/2006

    TNL2165: to import, manufacture and release this agricultural fungicide for the control of early blight in potatoes (category A)

  • GMD04111

    Decision notified date: 08/10/2004

    Integrin signalling in T cell activation and cancer. Update of GMO99/UA039

  • HSR06043

    Decision notified date: 22/05/2006

    COTNION® 200 INSECTICIDE: to import for release, containing 200g/L azinphos-methyl, for control of insect pests in fruit and potatoes (rapid similar)

  • HSR06033

    Decision notified date: 21/08/2006

    tnl 2190: to import or manufacture an agricultural fungicide for the control of fungal disease in cereals and other agricultural crops. It contains the actives…

  • APP201619

    Decision notified date: 04/03/2013

    To import Providor fungicide, containing the active ingredient fenhexamid, for the control of Botrytis in grapes, strawberries and boysenberries.

  • ERMA200738

    Decision notified date: 06/12/2010

    To develop genetically modified Escherichia coli, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Pichia pastoris, Caenorhabditis elegans and mammalian, fish and insect cell lines to…

  • HSR06008

    Decision notified date: 09/02/2006

    VBPONF: to import and manufacture this parasiticide for use in production animals (rapid similar)