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  • ERMA200572

    Decision notified date: 19/08/2010

    To import Supermanz (active ingredient Mancozeb) for use as a fungicide on various crops.

  • GMD03107

    Decision notified date: 07/10/2003

    To identify and isolate mouse monoclonal antibodies directed against cervine and mycobacterial antigens by antibody phage display

  • HSR05040

    Decision notified date: 15/08/2005

    To import IFB 0.5% for use in the control of flies (similar)

  • HSR05033

    Decision notified date: 15/07/2005

    To import Fuelsolv FMG2960, a fireside deposit and corrosion inhibitor for use in coal fired boilers (category A)

  • HSR05024

    Decision notified date: 21/09/2005

    BLOSSOM BLESS: To import or manufacture Blossom Bless for use as an agricultural compound (rapid low).

  • APP201319

    Decision notified date: 11/07/2012

    To manufacture and export JG1214 as an orally administered veterinary medicine designed to treat and control parasites in farm animals.

  • HSR05008

    Decision notified date: 11/02/2005

    To import or manufacture Viper 90 DF, a herbicide to control a range of broadleaf grasses and weeds (similar)

  • ERMA200493

    Decision notified date: 16/11/2010

    To seek the modified reassemessment of DuPont Altacor Insecticide (active ingredient chlorantraniliprole) to allow its application at rates above the current ma…

  • APP201274

    Decision notified date: 11/05/2012

    To import Metzin, with the active ingredient metribuzin, for use as a herbicide on a range of crops.

  • ERMA200468

    Decision notified date: 25/06/2010

    To import in containment NNH-1094 (containing pyraflufen-ethyl) as a herbicide for use on pastures, for the control of weed infestations.