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  • GMD04087

    Decision notified date: 06/07/2004

    To produce strains of Streptococcus pneumoniae that are deficient in their autolysin gene, in order to investigate the impact this has on the susceptibility of …

  • APP201597

    Decision notified date: 03/12/2012

    To import or manufacture ‘Non flammable fuel oil manufactured from waste lubricating oil’ for ultimate export from New Zealand as a fuel oil.

  • HSR06003

    Decision notified date: 16/02/2006

    Agronica Ballistic Insecticide: To import for release an insecticide formulation for control of caterpillars, beetles, thrips and aphids on a broad range of fru…

  • ERMA200715

    Decision notified date: 20/05/2011

    To import or manufacture the veterinary medicine JG2112, which is for oral administration in liquid form to treat and prevent parasites in farm animals.

  • HSR05149

    Decision notified date: 15/05/2006

    Aristopet Flea and Tick Spray: to import and release for the control of fleas (Ctenocephalides spp) and dog ticks (Rhipicephalus sanguineus) in cats and dogs (c…

  • APP201548

    Decision notified date: 15/01/2013

    To genetically modify Escherichia Coli for teaching purposes

  • ERMA200686

    Decision notified date: 14/12/2010

    To import Heringia calcarata, a biological control agent of woolly apple aphid (Eriosoma lanigerum), into containment for breeding and host specificity testing …

  • HSR05126

    Decision notified date: 14/03/2006

    Ammonyx LMDO: for use as a surfactant in a dish washing liquid (category A).

  • APP201492

    Decision notified date: 17/10/2012

    To import Rifle, containing phenmedipham and desmedipham, for use as a herbicide to control weeds in sugar and red beets.

  • APP201471

    Decision notified date: 07/12/2012

    To import and manufacture AGPRO Fairway, containing clopyralid, diflufenican and MCPA, to use for the control of various broad-leaved weeds in amenity turf.