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  • GMD01128

    To study the causes of nerve cell death, survival and plasticity which may result in a greater understanding of stroke, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Upd…

  • GMD01185

    To study dynamics of Alzhiemers disease. This is an update of GMO00/UA052.

  • GMD01186

    To study dynamics of Alzheimer's Disease. This is an update of GMO00/UA052.

  • APP204021

    To import or manufacture RXI for release

  • APP204116

    To import or manufacture Mortein Powergard All in One Insect Killer for release

  • APP203314

    To release the rust fungus Uromyces pencanus as a biological control agent to control Chilean needle grass

  • APP204130

    To import or manufacture Experimental pesticides in containment

  • HSR06024

    CITADEL FUNGICIDE: to import and release Citadel Fungicide, an emulsifiable concentrate containng 250 g/L triadimenol for the control of a variety of diiseases …

  • HSR03007

    To obtain approval for the import of the hazardous substances Basics Fly and Insect Killer (Low Irritant, Mint and Pine) for use as household insecticides str…

  • APP202879

    To reassess under section 63A of the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996 (‘the Act’) the requirement for end users to notify any landowners, househo…