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  • APP201841

    Decision notified date: 27/08/2013

    To import or manufacture Tui Disease Eliminator ready-to-use (RTU).

  • HSR06134

    Decision notified date: 14/05/2007

    Metarex Snail and Slug Bait: to import and release an insecticide containing metaldehyde, to be used for the control of snails and slugs in agricultural and hor…

  • ERMA200924

    Decision notified date: 15/11/2011

    To import selected invertebrate species into containment for the purposes of public display and/or conservation through advocacy, education and research

  • ERMA200912

    Decision notified date: 27/05/2011

    To import genetically engineered Rattus norvegicus for research on GnRH neurons (GM011/UO003)

  • ERMA200908

    Decision notified date: 29/05/2012

    To import komodo dragons, naked mole rats, plumed basilisks and bush dogs to aid conservation and education through public display and captive breeding

  • GMD05024

    Decision notified date: 25/02/2005

    The mice developed will be used to identify risk factors for degenerative diseases that affect the motor portion of the brain. This will aid the development of …

  • ERMA200870

    Decision notified date: 20/12/2011

    The purpose of this application is to import or manufacture XF-92037, containing fenbuconazole, for use as a fungicide on New Zealand crops for the controls of …

  • GMD05009

    Decision notified date: 22/12/2004

    To characterise the kinetic properties and substrate specificity of mammalian Betaine-Homocysteine Methyltransferases

  • HSR06077

    Decision notified date: 08/08/2006

    GF-1544: to import or manufacture for use as a herbicide to control brushweeds in pasture (rapid similar)

  • GMD04130

    Decision notified date: 01/12/2004

    To study the role of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor (FGFR) family members in the immune system