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  • ERMA200032

    Decision notified date: 31/07/2009

    To import OCP0901 as a herbicide.

  • APP202303

    Decision notified date: 13/01/2015

    To import or manufacture an insecticidal smoke generator containing 100 g/Kg of pirimiphos-methyl and 50 g/Kg of deltamethrin, to be used for the disinfestation…

  • HSR07013

    Decision notified date: 28/02/2007

    OCP0702: to seek approval to import or manufacture for release as a herbicide (reduced hazard)

  • ERMA200327

    Decision notified date: 19/02/2010

    To import or manufacture OCP1002 as a herbicide for use in turf.

  • ERMA200396

    Decision notified date: 20/04/2010

    To test vaccinia as a vaccine delivery system in possums, using a genetically modified virus construct expressing the model antigen EG95

  • HSR06039

    Decision notified date: 27/04/2006

    Tillmate: to obtain approval to import and manufacture Tillmate for use as a herbicide (rapid similar)

  • APP203733

    Decision notified date: 09/08/2019

    To import or Manufacture a Persistent Organic Pollutant in containment

  • APP203924

    To import for release a soft bait or block bait containing 0.05g/kg difenacoum for release

  • APP204199

    to reassess Diazinon, Fenamiphos and Methamidophos

  • HSR05105

    Decision notified date: 11/10/2005

    Stalosan F: To import Stalosan F for use in livestock housing, to improve the external environment and flooring conditions around animals (least degrees of haza…