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  • APP203150

    Decision notified date: 25/05/2017

    To import or manufacture Beetron PM, a herbicide containing 100 g/L of phenmedipham and 300 g/L of metamitron to control broad leaf weeds in beet crops.

  • APP202883

    Decision notified date: 16/09/2016

    To import or manufacture a herbicide containing 360 g/L Clomazone, to control weeds in horticultural and agricultural crops

  • APP203025

    Decision notified date: 21/08/2018

    To import or manufacture a suspension concentrate containing 440 g/L of Buprofezin. The product is an insect growth regulator that primarily interferes with the…

  • APP203017

    Decision notified date: 22/11/2017

    To import or manufacture a soluble concentrate containing 2.3 g/L of dicamba and 15 g/L of MCPA. The product is a double action spray combining a selective herb…

  • ERMA200783

    Decision notified date: 31/03/2011

    To import or manufacture OCP1004, containing triclopyr as the active ingredient, as a herbicide for use on turf.

  • HSR07113

    Decision notified date: 08/11/2007

    To import or manufacture OCP0706 as a fungicide for control of fungal diseases in crops. (reduced hazard)

  • HSR04043

    Decision notified date: 16/09/2004

    To import or manufacture G Force Max, a reformulation of an existing herbicide (similar)

  • APP201836

    Decision notified date: 18/07/2013

    To import or Manufacture Capri, containing tebuconazole for use as fungicide seed treatment.

  • APP202246

    Decision notified date: 06/11/2014

    To approve a fungicide containing 316g/L of copper as cuprous oxide, and 346 g/L of mineral oil, in the form of a liquid suspension concentrate, to be used for …

  • HSR05008

    Decision notified date: 11/02/2005

    To import or manufacture Viper 90 DF, a herbicide to control a range of broadleaf grasses and weeds (similar)