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  • HSC09008

    Decision notified date: 24/09/2009

    To import or manufacture in containment AID0011 containing pyraflufen-ethyl with combustible, toxic and ecotoxic properties, for use alone and in tank mixtures …

  • APP203456

    Decision notified date: 07/02/2018

    To import or manufacture JEV a liquid containing inactivated Japanese encephalitis virus (Strain BM111) > 10^7.3 TCID50 for use as a vaccine in horses.

  • APP203255

    Decision notified date: 18/04/2018

    To determine if 'ROLEN FULL' is hazardous

  • APP203561

    Decision notified date: 13/07/2018

    to determine if A571 is a hazardous substance.

  • APP203225

    Decision notified date: 05/09/2018

    To import Merivon, a fungicide containing 250 g/L fluxapyroxad and 250 g/L pyraclostrobin as active ingredients providing protectant activity against various di…

  • APP203709

    Decision notified date: 05/12/2018

    To determine whether Nitrobacter vulgaris, Nitrobacter alkalicus and Nitrospira marina are new organisms under the HSNO Act

  • APP203744

    Decision notified date: 14/12/2018

    to determine if the hybrid Solanum habrochaites (syn Lycopersicon hirsutum) x Solanum Lycopersicon is a new organism

  • APP203553

    Decision notified date: 01/02/2019

    To import Fodder Beet Sharp into New Zealand

  • APP203811

    Decision notified date: 21/03/2019

    to develop low risk modified organisms for the study of human genetic skin conditions and to investigate the development of novel treatment options

  • APP203857

    Decision notified date: 12/07/2019

    To import or manufacture Experimental Agricultural Chemicals identified by a code number in containment