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  • GMD08006

    Decision notified date: 16/01/2008

    To attempt to reverse the effects of the mutation causing a human neurodegenerative disease (Batten disease) by gene therapy using a naturally occurring sheep m…

  • GMD00065

    Decision notified date: 18/07/2000

    To generate modified E. coli, using Arabidopsis thaliana and Pinus radiata cDNAs, as research tools to assist investigations into the regulation of gene express…

  • APP202317

    Decision notified date: 06/11/2014

    To import substances for the purpose of investigating under containment, in the field and laboratory to test effects on pests/diseases/weeds in various plants.

  • HSR08104

    Decision notified date: 23/12/2008

    To import MTC1971RH as a veterinary medicine for use in cattle. (similar)

  • GMD07057

    Decision notified date: 28/08/2007

    To develop transgenic Escherichia coli or Pichia pastoris with genes which code for proteins with roles in primary metabolism from cyanobacteria and photosynthe…

  • APP202288

    Decision notified date: 09/09/2014

    To import genetically modified replication defective adeno-associated viruses for gene delivery to the brain of laboratory rats in order to study neural mechani…

  • HSR08084

    Decision notified date: 07/10/2008

    To import or manufacture BALPO1365RH as a veterinary medicine for use in cattle. (similar)

  • HSR08072

    Decision notified date: 07/10/2008

    To import or manufacture Aakland Teatsan Plus as a veterinary medicine to aid in the control of mastitis in dairy cows. (similar)

  • GMD07030

    Decision notified date: 08/06/2007

    In planta expression of genes involved in plant development, physiology, secondary metabolism, regulation as well as pathogen and endophyte relationships

  • GMD00006

    Decision notified date: 08/06/2000

    To maintain and develop genetically modified laboratory mice strains through conventional breeding techniques.