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  • GMD00146

    Decision notified date: 03/07/2000

    Over-expression of Helicobacter motility and urease factors in E.coli

  • GMD00137

    Decision notified date: 03/07/2000

    To develop in containment GMed E coli and N lolii strains containing GFP and GUS reporter gene constructs with the purpose of elucidating the physiological cond…

  • APP202436

    Decision notified date: 10/03/2015

    To import Sankey, a herbicide containing 700g/kg metribuzin for pre and post-emergence weed control in asparagus, carrots, Lucerne, maize, peas, potatoes and to…

  • GMD00123

    Decision notified date: 05/07/2000

    To transform Eucalyptus species with a reporter gene and suitable marker, in order to monitor the gene expression during plant development

  • GMD08050

    Decision notified date: 18/07/2008

    To investigate the molecular mechanism of cytokinin homeostasis in higher plants by cloning the relevant plant genes into Escherichia coli, and by introducing a…

  • HSR09022

    Decision notified date: 16/07/2010

    To import OPT, containing a salmon gonadotrophin releasing hormone analogue, as a reproductive hormone analogue preparation intended for injection into fish.

  • APP202377

    Decision notified date: 05/03/2015

    To release a live attenuated vaccine for Infectious Bronchitis Virus (Massachusetts strain)

  • APP202367

    Decision notified date: 22/12/2015

    To import and/or manufacture Diuron 900, a long-term non-selective herbicide for weeds in fruit, vegetable and ornamental crops, non-crop land and dry waterways…

  • APP202359

    Decision notified date: 03/12/2014

    To genetically modify gene expression transiently in the embryonic mouse brain by the direct injection of plasmids expressing small interring RNAs or proteins (…

  • GMD08013

    Decision notified date: 05/02/2008

    To develop microbial and insect cell hosts that express reporter genes and/or bacteriocin-associated proteins to enable gene function and protein structure-func…