Proposal overview Plus
Proposal number:
Proposal name:
Side track drilling at the Tui Field
Primary organisation:
Tamarind Taranaki Limited
Proposal type:
Marine consent
Proposal state:
Deliberation (draft)
Application decision:
Decision not yet made
Date decision notified:
Proposal description:
Applications for marine consent and marine discharge consent for development drilling activities in the Tui Field, offshore Taranaki.
Latest website update on proposal:
The Board of Inquiry has issued Minute 5 formally closing the hearing on Tamarind’s applications for marine consent and marine discharge consent. As outlined in the Inquiry Procedures, the date by which the Board must provide its decision is 26 February 2019. The decision will be publicly released as soon as practicable after that.
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Hearings - Week 01 Plus
Day 1 - 6 November 2018
Day 1 - 6 November 2018
Day 2 - 7 November 2018
Day 3 - 8 November 2018