Science Corner

New Zealand is home to lots of fresh and innovative environmental research. Be it Earth, sea or sky, our scientists and peers share their reflections on current research, issues and ideas.

Fish ‘n’ chips, with a side of microplastics

Plastic debris has become ubiquitous in the marine environment. There is increasing evidence of plastics turning up in seafood.

Under the waves – measuring temperature change in the ocean

A recent assessment of ocean temperature change around New Zealand in the past 36 years shows an overall warming trend.

Chemistry in the clouds - developing New Zealand's first Earth System Model

A numerical model for predicting future changes to the NZ environment has made global contributions to help fill gaps in climate knowledge.

Varroa mite chews the fat

Illuminating research on Varroa destructor has recently been presented at the 2019 Apiculture NZ conference.

Rockpools, punk science and student strikes

Reconnecting with our local environments like we once did as kids can benefit both the environment and communities; technology can help us here.

Mātauranga Māori: Applying a Māori lens to environmental management

The unique relationship between Māori and the environment can inform regulatory decision making, and help make the welfare of our environment part of everyone’s...

From carp to chemical fate–the cascading effects of invasive fish species in our waterways

Environmental fate specialists and ecotoxicologists are worried about the effects of invasive fish species and chemical residues on the ecological balance of ou...

We all thrive when women and gender minorities work in science

The EPA is proud to support women in science. Hannah Davidson speaks to her science colleagues about the importance of diversity, equality, and encouraging a tw...