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Hazardous substances equipment approvals

​Equipment used for storing, using, dispensing and transporting hazardous substances must be approved. Use these registers to find out if equipment has been approved.

Each register, where applicable, incorporates approvals made under the previous Dangerous Goods legislation that was grand-parented into Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (HSNO) legislation.

These registers are reviewed and updated regularly. 

For comments and feedback on these registers, please contact us.

Compressed gas cylinders

Cylinder design standards

New cylinders must be designed and manufactured to an EPA-approved design standard:

Approved Cylinder Design Standards (xls, 57 kb)

Withdrawn Cylinder Design Standards (xls, 59 kb)

Do not use withdrawn standards for new cylinder designs.

Register of Gas Cylinders (xls, 238 kb)

Designs certified to approved standards.

There is provision for special one-off approvals for cylinders:

Approved One-off (Special) Cylinders (xls, 603 kb)

Cylinder fittings standards and designs

New fittings must be designed and manufactured to an approved cylinder fitting standard:

Approved Cylinder Fitting Standards (xls, 44 kb)

Approved LPG Cylinder Fittings (xls 80 kb)

There is provision for special one-off cylinder fittings to be approved, but none are approved at present.

Recognised inspection agencies for cylinders

All cylinders in New Zealand must be inspected at time of manufacture by an approved agency listed on this register:

  Recognised Cylinder Inspection Agency (xls, 476 kb)

Withdrawn Cylinder Inspection Agency (xls, 308 kb)

Do not use an agency on this list for inspecting new cylinders. 

Cylinder manufacturers' marks

Cylinder Manufacturers' Marks (xls, 6 mb)

Cylinder testing station marks

New Zealand Underwater Accreditation:

 Cylinder Testing Station Marks (xls, 43 kb)

Cylinder Testing Laboratories Association: 

Periodic Test Station Marks - August 2011 (xls, 1.3 mb) 


Burners approved for use with hazardous substances:

Register of Approved Burners with Expiry Date (xls, 92 kb) (updated 2 December 2013)

Register of Previously Approved Burners (xls, 52 kb) (updated 10 October 2013)

Dispensers and vaporisers

Register of dispensers approved for use with hazardous substances:

Approved Dispensers (xls, 79 kb)

Register of vaporisers approved for use with hazardous substances:

Approved Vaporisers (xls, 42 kb)

Tanks and fabricators

This register lists approved designs for hazardous substance storage tanks, as well as the fabricators approved for making tanks to the designs:

Stationary Container Tank Design and Fabricators Register (xls, 104 kb) (updated 13 June 2014)

Tank wagons

Tank wagons need to be constructed to an approved design. Contact us for information on approved tank wagons.

Tank Wagon Register (xls, 184 kb)

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