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HSNO Application Register

​Search all new organisms and hazardous substances applications that have been processed by the EPA. 

(Does not include transferred hazardous substances - these are substances that were given deemed approvals and did not go through the application process. They are in the database for Approved Hazardous Substances with Controls.)

Search tip: To find out about an application, search using a keyword or phrase (eg, GM field test); or search for:

  • the application number
  • the approval code
  • the name of the substance or organism.
  • If you would like to search for results which include two terms you can separate those terms with the upper-case word AND
  • If you would like to broaden your search to find profiles which include one or more terms you can separate those terms with the upper-case word OR
  • If you would like to do a search but exclude a particular term, type that term with an upper-case NOT immediately before it
Please note that you may see multiple search results for the same application.  This can occur because the search will display all organisms or substances in a given application.  Just click on one of these duplicate search results to get information about the application.