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Application code: GMF98009
Application Type: GM Field Test in Containment
Applicant: AgResearch Limited - Ruakura
Applicant Postal Address: Ruakura Research Centre, 10 Bisley Rd, Private Bag, Hamilton East, Hamilton, 3214, New Zealand
Application State: Decided
Decision: Approved with Controls
Application Purpose: To field test, in Waikato, cattle genetically modified with cattle casein genes or the human myelin basic protein gene; or deletion of the cattle ß-lactoglobulin gene. Milk may have enhanced nutritive value or be valuable as a drug for multiple sclerosis.

Substance or organism


Approval Number

Bos taurus (BLG[min]) Approved with Controls GMF000023
Bos taurus casein [plus] Approved with Controls GMF000024
Bos taurus MBP-cattle Approved with Controls GMF000026