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Codes of practice

Codes of practice are documents that offer an approved method of achieving compliance with regulatory requirements.  A code of practice will tell you how to meet the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (HSNO) Act regulation requirements and controls in a way that is legally defensible. They are not mandatory and you can adopt other ways of meeting the requirements instead. See also:

Where to find codes of practice

How is a code of practice approved?

The EPA may develop codes of practice or other organisations can develop them and present them to us for approval. Once the code of practice is approved by the Authority, it will be notified in The Parliamentary Gazette, through this website and in The Bulletin.

Codes of practice are able to be approved by the Authority under Sections 78 and 79 of the HSNO Act. In practice, they are approved by the Chief Executive of the EPA under delegated authority.

Consultation on codes of practice under preparation

Consultation on codes of practice under preparation is usually conducted by the organisation developing the code. Notice of the consultation will be posted on our website. 

Notes for completed codes of practice

Some organisations may charge for a code of practice they have developed. These codes have an information sheet available on the completed codes of practice page below. Codes of practice that are available free of charge, are listed on the completed codes of practice page as a pdf. 

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