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EPA publications

EPA Publications

EPA publications, such as corporate publications, group standards, codes of practice and newsletters.

The EPA Bulletin

Our recently combined publication, Te Pūtara/The Bulletin, combines our sister publications Te Pūtara and The Bulletin.

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Group standards

Group standards are approvals for a group of hazardous substances of a similar nature, type or use. A group standard sets out conditions that enable a group of hazardous substances to be managed safely.

Codes of practice

Codes of practice (COPs) are documents that offer an approved method of achieving compliance with regulatory requirements. A COP will tell you how to meet the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (HSNO) Act regulation requirements and controls.

Find a document or search our databases

Find a document or search our databases

Find documents and records relating hazardous substances, new organisms , resource management proposals and EEZ applications.

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